Michigan Braille Transcribing Fund (MBTF)


To facilitate accuracy in billing and shipping of textbooks that are currently in production, we require a separate purchase order number for each title.


Mail or fax your order to:

Michigan Braille Transcribing Fund
3500 N. Elm Road
Jackson, Michigan 49201 (USA)
Office: 517-780-5096
FAX: 517-780-5448
Tax I.D. #38-3387837


Purchase order number
ISBN (number is usually found on title page or back cover)
MBTF catalog number
Copyright date
Shipping Address
Billing Address
Name and phone number of contact person
Date needed


All prices include the cost of binding.  For unbound materials, deduct $1.00 per volume from the catalog price.  Prices are subject to change without notice.

Unless otherwise specified, orders are shipped FREE MATTER FOR THE BLIND.  At your request we will ship UPS (see RUSH SERVICE) with the charges added to the invoice.

We invoice after the order has been shipped.  Terms are — Net 30 Days — from the date of the invoice.  Past due invoices may carry a service charge of 1½% per month.


All returns must receive prior authorization from MBTF

No return will be authorized after 45 days from invoice date.

Returns due to our error will be refunded in full.

Returns due to customer error will be charged a 25% restocking fee. 

All books are to be returned to the following address:

Michigan Braille Transcribing Fund
3500 N. Elm Rd.
Jackson, Michigan 49201


If transcription has begun at the time of cancellation, there will be a charge for the costs incurred to date.  If transcription has not begun, there will be no charge.  Textbooks furnished by customers become property of MBTF.


We guarantee that all braille errors reported to MBTF will be corrected promptly and replacement page(s) shipped at no charge.

Our goal is to assure that your students consistently receive accurate transcriptions.  We ask for your assistance to correct errors; send us a photocopy of the print page from the textbook with the error circled and the braille volume number written on top of the print page.  Include your name, telephone number and address.


MBTF offers quickbraille. Please contact us for information and price quotes.


Need it YESTERDAY? If you need rush handling, we can ship UPS Regular, Next Day or Second Day service. The cost is added to the invoice.

COST SAVER TIP: To save shipping costs, ask to have the first few volumes shipped UPS and the balance shipped FREE MATTER.

Most orders for copies of completed books are shipped within three days. During the busy summer season your order may be shipped in one to three weeks.


This year MBTF will ship over 5,000,000 braille pages from our library. Our catalog contains an alphabetical listing of titles, price and other pertinent information.* Unless requested otherwise, all volumes are bound with 19-ring binders and heavy plastic covers. A print title page with volume number, page numbers and other key information is provided on the inside cover.

Textbook Code $.33 per braille page

Nemeth, Chemistry and Foreign Language Codes $.37 per braille page

Punching and Binding $1.00 per volume


MBTF transcribes school textbooks in Textbook and Nemeth codes, tactile graphics, tests and virtually any type of document for business and/or government, legal documents, menus, catalogs, training manuals and other publications.

For textbooks in production, volumes are shipped as completed to stay ahead of the student during the school year. MBTF retains the — original — and ships a copy. Deadlines for other materials depend upon the length and content. Textbook orders cannot be processed without the textbook grade level, ISBN number and copyright date.

The majority of our braille is proofread by one of our blind proofreaders. All textbooks transcribed by MBTF are registered with the American Printing House for the Blind. Textbooks furnished by customers become property of MBTF.


The following information is being provided to help customers interpret the information contained in the description section of a packing slip or invoice for books that are in production (i.e., works in progress).  The book Glencoe Health: A Guide to Wellness (Student Workbook) is being used as an example:

Line 2:     (STUDENT WORKBOOK); ISBN# 026515652;
Line 3:     Vol; Braille pgs; C. 2001; GRADE: High School
Line 4:
Line 6:
Line 7:     SV1-SV3 AND V1-5/745
Line 8:     344 LDS

Lines 1-3 in the description section identify the book title, ISBN, Copyright year, and Grade. The number of volumes and total braille pages remain unentered (empty) until the book is entirely complete.

Line 5 indicates that the book is
in production and more volumes are forthcoming which will be shipped upon completion of each volume.

In Line 7 the information "SVI-SV3 AND V1-5" means: "SV" in front of a number, or set of numbers, is an abbreviation for "Supplement Volume" and a "V" in front of a number, or set of numbers, is an abbreviation for "Volume".  Therefore, "SV1-SV3 AND V1-5" means Supplement Volumes 1 through Supplement Volume 3, and Volume 1 through Volume 5 are being mailed in this shipment.  After the listed volumes being shipped a diagonal line appears with a number after it.  In this case that number is 745.  The number 745 represents the number of braille pages in the shipment.

In Line 8 "LDS" is an abbreviation for "Line Drawings".  Therefore, "344 LDS" represents 344 line drawings are contained in the total number of volumes in the shipment.

It is also important to note that when we receive purchase orders with multiple books that are in production we assign separate invoice numbers to each individual book.   Multiple copies of the same book are assigned one individual invoice number.  The purpose of this is so we can invoice our customers upon the completion of each individual book title.

All books in production are completed at different times and we cannot invoice a customer for the price of a book until the book is complete and all volumes have been shipped to the customer.

* Catalog numbers enclosed in parentheses followed by a $0.00 dollar amount reflect books currently in production.  A dollar amount will be assigned to these books upon their completion.